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Clinical data


hyiodine summary of clinical evidenceSummary of Clinical Evidence

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complex approach to the treatment of diabetic foot ulcersComplex Approach To The Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers
(0,9MB pdf)

 Study on healing diabetic foot ulcers in 63 patients. Excellent healing results were achieved also in patients with very deep and severe diabetic ulcers complicated by osteomyelitis and vascular occlusive disease. 49% of wounds were completely healed and 19% significantly reduced in size. Introduction of Hyiodine treatment led to significant improvement of the healing process. 







poster ewma viennaHI Complex in Extensive War Injury
(8,2MB pdf)

 Case report on successful treatment of extensive trauma war injury using Hyiodine. Even though initial therapy using negative pressure failed, subsequent treatment by hyaluronan-iodine complex proved to have very good healing effect.









influence of hi gel on recalcitrant woundsInfluence Of HI Gel On Recalcitrant Wounds
(1,4MB pdf)

 Prospective study in 18 patients suffering with non-healing complex wounds of varying aetiology. Previous mean treatment was 12,6 months. Of eighteen wounds 6 wounds completely healed and 8 wounds significantly reduced within two months. Hyiodine treatment accelerated healing process, reduced bacteria burden, and high levels of exudate.







hi complex in complicated cardio surgical woundsHI Complex in Complicated Cardio Surgical Wounds
(0,6MB jpeg)

 Study which followed treatment of eight patients with wound dehiscence after median sternotomy. All wounds were infected and involved underlying osseous structures. Within 2-3 weeks all wounds were free of necrotic tissue and growth of new granulation tissue was started. Complete healing without surgical intervention was achieved in 7 patients. 







treatment of diabetic ulcersTreatment of Diabetic Ulcers
(0,5MB jpeg)

 The study group involved 18 patients suffering with complicated diabetic foot ulcers.  Within 2-6 weeks all but three wound were healing well and filled with new granulation tissue. Complete healing was achieved in 15 wounds. Treatment was not successful in three wounds with ischemic complications.









iodine atiseptics eliminate biofilmIodine Atiseptics Eliminate Biofilm
(0,7MB pdf)

 The study evaluates effect of iodine and non-iodine antimicrobials against bacterial biofilm formed in vitro.










hyiodine in war soft tissue injuriesHyiodine In War Soft Tissue Injuries
(0,5MB pdf)

There was improved healing rate in traumatic war wounds treated by Hyiodine reported in the study conducted in the field hospital in Afghanistan.









healing of large abdominal woundsHealing of Large Abdominal Wounds
(0,8MB pdf)

 More than fifty patients with abdominal wound dehiscence including wounds complicated by intestinal fistulae were included in the study. The positive effect of Hyiodine treatment was reported in all wounds.









activating healing naturally in three chronic ulcersActivating Healing Naturally in three chronic ulcers
(1MB pdf)

 Case study which follows treatment of three non healing wounds in patient with decreased mobility.










chronic and acute venous insufficiency woundsChronic and Acute Venous Insufficiency Wounds
(0,1MB pdf)

 Study compares the healing effect of hyaluronate-iodine complex and papain-urea dressing. Enhanced and accelerated wound healing was noted in both chronic and acute venous insufficiency wounds treated with hyaluronate-iodine complex.




influence of hi complex on human keratinocytes and leukocytesInfluence Of HI Complex On Human Keratinocytes And Leukocytes
(0,7MB jpeg)




complicated cardio surgical wound treatmentComplicated Cardio Surgical Wound Treatment
(0,1 pdf)

 The study follows treatment of sternal dehisced wounds, including wounds complicated by epipleural abscess and sternal osteomyelitis.




cummulative initial experience using hi complex in wound healingCummulative Initial Experience Using HI Complex In Wound Healing
(0,1MB pdf)

 Group of patients included in the study comprised of patients which failed previous treatment or had delayed healing. 14 wounds progressed to complete healing and 4 wounds were close to complete healing at the end of the study. The author concluded that healing rates varied among the different types of wounds, depending on their complexity and presence of infection, but they were generally better than those obtained with previous treatment. 



effect of hi complex in skin grafting of chronic infected woundsEffect of HI Complex In Skin Grafting Of Chronic Infected Wounds
(1,8MB pdf)

 Study which followed benefit of Hyiodine treatment when used on wounds grafted by autologous meshed grafts. Hyiodine was used as a wound bed preparation before application of grafts and also after the grafting to improve the healing rate. 









management of chronic wound in end of life patientManagement of Chronic Wound In End Of Life Patient
(0,9 pdf)

 Case report on healing infected pressure sore, which did not respond to any of usual wound management strategies. 




treatment of hepatic abscess cavitiesTreatment of Hepatic Abscess Cavities
(0,7MB jpeg)

 Hepatic abscess cavities are difficult to treat and frequently lead to sepsis and multi-organ failure. Using Hyaluronate-iodine complex for treatment of hepatic abscess cavities led to complete healing of all patients included in the study and there were no adverse effects reported. 



treatment of therapeutical resistant woundsTreatment of Therapeutical Resistant Wounds
(1,9MB pdf)

 The study followed treatment of chronic and acute wounds of varying aetiology. Improved granulation growth and very good quality of newly formed skin was reported by the author. In two cases Hyiodine treatment prevented major amputation and in one case minor amputation. 









hi complex in treatment of non healing woundsHI Complex In Treatment Of Non Healing Wounds
(0,7MB jpeg)

 The study confirms enhanced and accelerated wound healing by using hyaluronate-iodine complex in treatment of non healing wounds. 



hyiodine in treatment of chronic hardly healing woundsHyiodine In Treatment Of Chronic Hardly Healing Wounds
(3MB pdf)

 The observational study on healing 49 chronic infected wounds. Using hyaluronate-iodine treatment resulted initialization of healing process and better growth of granulation and epithelialisation tissue. Pseudomonas infection was successfully treated without use of oral antibiotics and without inhibition of wound healing process.









bronchopleural fistulaBronchopleural Fistula and surgical wound infection
(83kB pdf)

treatment of a bronchopleural cutaneous fistula with deep wound infection post fungal ball excision with glue and hyiodine solution after identification of the fistulous cavity through the thoracotomy wound.








K.F. Cutting, Buckinghamshire New University, Uxbridge, UK
The article describes role of hyaluronan in the wound healing process, and explains how modern wound dressings can benefit from its regenerative properties.



The observational study which describes use of hyaluronan-iodine complex in treatment of abdominal wounds complicated by multiple fistulae in seven patients.