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About Hyiodine

Hyiodine is a completely new approach to the healing of complicated and chronic wounds that is based on scientific knowledge of the natural process of tissue repair. This product draws on the excellent regenerative properties of hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the human body. This substance can also be found in increased quantities in the skin, where it ensures that the correct water content is maintained.

The ability of hyaluronic acid to bind large amounts of fluid also plays an important role in the wound healing process. After application of Hyiodine to the wound, the hyaluronic acid draws fluid from the wound (called exudate) and, with it, also draws growth and nutritional factors from the healthy area around the wound, which are substances positively affecting the healing process. This process results in the concentration of these essential substances in the wound, which improves the healing process. The naturally moist environment created by hyaluronic acid in the wound also promotes cell renewal and growth. The result is the overall acceleration of the healing process and a significant positive influence on the healing of long-term non-healing chronic wounds.

Another important ingredient of Hyiodine, complementing the hyaluronic acid, is the iodine complex. This complex also allows the Hyiodine to be used in the treatment of infected wounds. It helps to stabilize hyaluronic acid in the product and prevents its degradation by bacteria. The amount of iodine in the product is very low in comparison with conventional iodine products and therefore poses no risk of allergic reaction in patients.


Hyiodine is suitable for the treatment of these types of wound:

- Diabetic foot ulcers

- Wounds failing to heal after surgery

- Leg ulcers

- Bed sores

- Wounds complicated by fistulae

- Acute wounds (cuts, lacerations)

- Superficial burns (type II a-b)


Hyiodine is sold in 50 g and 22 g packs. Each pack contains enough for several treatments, depending on the size of the wound to be healed. For example, a 50 g pack is sufficient for one month's daily application in the treatment of 5x 5 cm wounds.

For purposes of application, we recommend that, when you buy Hyiodine, you also purchase ordinary gauze squares (of a size corresponding to the wound) and several ordinary plastic syringes, which will make it easier to remove gel from the bottle.

More details on application can be found at APPLICATION GUIDE

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